Frequently Asked Questions


How far do you deliver?

We deliver up to 50km driving distance from the Central Business District (CBD) of your selected city.

The delivery distance is calculated from the centre of the CBD to your event/venue address you have entered in the delivery section. Our system uses driving distance and not radial or line of sight (straight line) distance calculations.

If you fall just outside of the 50km delivery zone, there is an automatic fee of $5 per kilometre, rounded up. So for example, if your venue is 52km, there will be an extra $10 fee added at the checkout.

When will you deliver the photo booth for my event?

We aim to deliver the photo booths within 30 minutes of your selected service start time, this will include the delivery, setup, and testing the booth before use. 

For example, if your event were to start at 1800 (6pm), we will arrive sometime on or after 1730 (5:30pm).

When will you start to pack up the photo booth?

We generally start packing up on or just after your photo booth service finish time. We aim to bump out within 30 minutes of your service finish time.

Can you deliver at an earlier time?

Unfortunately we cannot deliver any other time apart from within 30 minutes of your selected start time. This is due to having limited resources and may still be at another event.

Our services are popular and we allocate a buffer time for things such as distance, traffic, delays etc. We will consider more options in the future, however, at this stage, we are unable to deliver anytime more than the 30 minutes within your selected service start time.


How long does my gallery stay online?

Your online gallery will stay online for at least 365 days from the event date. After 365 days, the gallery may or may not be hidden/deleted off our web servers to make more space. 

We will however, have the archived version of your gallery and can be requested again for a fee.

Can I change my gallery name?

You may change your gallery name at anytime through our online request. However, you may lose your link as the web address link is tied to your gallery name.

Can I add/remove/change a password on my gallery?

At anytime, you can add or remove a gallery password via our request form. This allows you to have freedom with your gallery privacy.

How do I download my photos?

There are two ways you can download your photos.

1: You can download all your images in a zip file that was provided to you when your event has concluded. This file will only last 30 days on our servers from the completion of your event.

2: You can download each image you like via the gallery, open up the image you want to download and click on the download link at the bottom or the top right hand corner.

Can I customise my Gallery cover photo?

You may customise your Gallery cover photo which will be used as the featured image for your gallery.

You will need to make sure that it meets our content guidelines before we approve it for use on our website system.

  1. The image must be in a JPG or PNG file format.
  2. The image must have a minimum dimension of 1920 x 1080.
  3. The image must not contain any nudity or any pornographic materials.
  4. The image must not contain profanity or offensive slogans, words, and or text.
  5. You must have rights of use before uploading it to our system.
  6. You are giving us (Lilap) permission to use this image for our Gallery system for an indefinite amount of time.

To upload your image. Please click this link and follow our uploads form.


How many prints do I get?

Depending on your selection/package, it will state how many prints you will get during your service hire.

For photo strip style templates, you will receive 2 strip prints. One for you, and one for your guests, or they can have them both if you wish.

For single postcard style templates, there will only be one print per session which the guests can take if they wish.

Most of our packages have Unlimited prints, meaning that there is no limit to how many prints can be done within your service hire. Unlimited printing is not included with multi prints, this means that a guest cannot request to print out an x amount of reprints.

Can I request for reprints?

We do not allow any reprinting during the use of the booth, this is to make sure everyone has a fair go as reprinting does take up our print queues which may hold up the photo booth line.

Also depending on your package, reprinting may not be included. Most reprints are done at our office and sent via mail.

How long does it take for it to print out?

Depending on what type of template you have chosen during the booking process, our general time for prints is 10 seconds per print.

Will the attendant help with the prints?

Depending on the Package and service you have selected, the attendant will be present for the duration of your service hire, however, it is not the attendants role to assist with creating the photo books. The photo book is designed for the guests to be able to decorate, sticker, place and cut photo strips to make a unique page for the host.


Do I need an account?

In short, yes, you need an account on our Lilap Systems.

Having an account with us allows you to save your orders, receive notifications, discounts, promotions and a way to contact us.

If you have recently had a photo booth event hire with us, your photos will be linked to your order. If you have requested for a gallery, your gallery link will be linked within your order.

Can I create an account after ordering/booking?

Yes, you can create an account after ordering/booking with us. Simply register a new account and notify us your order/booking number to link to your profile.

Once your profile has been linked, you can manage your order/booking.

Click here to create an account.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password, click this link and follow the on screen prompts.

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